Welcome to Physio Aid

Welcome to Physio Aid!  For the health professional, Physio Aid has been designed to make it easier for you to prescribe effective home exercise programs to your clients.  Professionally filmed videos, compiled by physiotherapists, have been designed to guide your client’s success with their rehabilitation programs.   No more stick diagrams, no more photocopying or searching various databases for the right exercise.  Predefined programs come with Physio Aid and you can also select individual videos to personalize your clients programs.   Professional videos are prepared so you do not have to video your client and upload videos that cost you time with your client and risk patient confidentiality.  You can save your own programs for your clients and you can monitor their progress.  You can also count on new content being added to Physio Aid to help educate your clients regarding the importance of following your advice for their success in gaining optimum health and mobility.

For the client you do not have to remember various usernames and passwords to get to your exercise program.   You can access your program from your home computer, IPad, tablet or mobile phone from the e-mail link you have been sent from the health professional you are working with.   You can see the exercise being performed and hear instructions on how to perform the exercises correctly.  This will help you get the most benefit from the advice you have been given.

Physio Aid is your tool to help keep you active in life.   “Keeping you Active in Life” will help guide you on your journey to stay active.  Exercise video clips to help keep you moving during your day will be shared; client feedback and tips, and new videos will be featured.

Stay active in life with Physio Aid!