The Creation of –


 The Creation of –

Why Physio Aid –  and why was it started you may ask?  Physio Aid was started out of a desire to provide better home exercise prescriptions for clients.   As a physiotherapist I was questioning my use of stick diagrams and paper descriptions of exercises when patients would come in performing movements that were unlike those prescribed.   I was searching for a better tool and resource that I could use when working with clients to help with their success and adherence to their home exercise programs.  This is the start of the journey for, which, I will share with you.

At the time of searching for resources, professionally filmed rehabilitation exercise videos were not available.    Exercises with diagrams and written descriptions in paper format were widely available but there was not a database of professionally filmed exercises with voice instructions to describe correct movement patterns.  The choice was then made to create an exercise library of videos that were professionally filmed.   A database of 300 exercise videos were created that included such commonly prescribed exercises for rotator cuff strengthening, core stability programs and stretching exercises.

The exercise videos were used in our clinical setting, which, helped with client success in performing their exercises properly and actually doing some of the exercises!  However, there was still a need to be able to individualize the exercise prescriptions with sets, numbers, repetitions and client specific tips.  This is where Physio Aid comes into play as the exercise videos can be individualized and a variety of exercises can be combined into client specific programs.

Physio Aid was further inspired by positive feedback received from physiotherapists and requests to use the exercise library in an easy format.   This is where our software developer jumped in to bring the idea of Physio Aid to life.  An easy to use platform to view, prescribe and individualize exercise plans was created. Physio Aid was also created with other benefits for clients and patients such as the ability to save client programs, to track when clients have viewed their exercises, and to send home programs with a quick e-mail with no usernames and passwords to remember!

Physio Aid is in its infancy and will continue to grow with more content and functionality.  Physio Aid has been an invaluable tool in helping clients with their rehabilitation and adherence to their exercise programs.  I hope you enjoy the use of Physio Aid in helping your clients.  Give Physio Aid a try at  Your feedback is welcome at physio [at] physioaid [dot] ca.

Heather King, Registered Physiotherapist, BScPT, FCAMPT, CAFCI, SPC, Doctor of Science Candidate