How to Use Physio Aid

How to Use Physio Aid from a Client’s Perspective:



Welcome to Physio Aid!  Physio Aid is a tool that will help you be successful with your home exercise programs.  You will be sent an e-mail link from the health professional you are working with to improve your overall health and mobility.   Click on the e-mail link you have been sent and you can click on the exercise video to see how to perform the movement properly.   This will help you get the most out of the exercise you have been prescribed.  With each exercise there will be instructions regarding the number of repetitions and sets of the exercise to perform.  Your physiotherapist will also be able to support you by seeing how many times you have been able to go through your program.  

 You can monitor your personal progress by downloading the exercise calendar that is posted to the blog.  Use this tool to track how many times you are able to perform you exercises and any information you would like to share with your health professional concerning your progress and success.