How to Use Physio Aid for the Health Professional



How to Use Physio Aid for the Health Professional:

Welcome to Physio Aid!  Physio Aid is a tool to help you prescribe effective home exercise programs for your clients.

To use Physio Aid please check out the following video that will be posted here shortly.

To get you started simply register yourself or clinic and then follow the steps below:

 1)   Click on the upper tab “Exercises”

 2)   On the left hand side click on the type of exercise you would like to prescribe such as “Strength”

 3)   Click on the exercise you would like to prescribe.  You can also click on the “arrow” to view the exercise.

 4)   The exercise you have selected will be added to “My New Program”

 5)   Click on the exercise you have selected in the “My New Program” section to add the number of repetitions, hold time, sets and any special instructions for your client.  Just enter numerical units in the sections of sets, hold time and repetitions so your program will be updated properly.

6)   Click update so your exercise parameters are saved.

 7)   Follow these steps for all of the exercises you would like to prescribe.

 8)   Click on “Prescribe this Program”

 9)   Enter your client’s name,  e-mail address and any special instructions – and then click “Send”

Your client will receive an e-mail with the video links and special instructions for their program.  You will be able to see the program saved under your client’s name under the Patients tab.  You can track the number of times your client has used the program and you can revise the program as needed. 

Welcome to the tool to help keep your clients Active in Life!